What are we building?

We want to build a customizable version of Eventbrite without (custom) code :). We'll use Airtable, Webflow & Zapier to get it done! The model will be this sample eventbrite website.


Setup Airtable

Create Airtable base
Create Form View

Setup Webflow

Overview of events page
Add Airtable Form for event #1
Set up webflow CMS
Link webflow CMS with Events page
Link to different form for multiple events


Zapier welcome email [could be Mailchimp/Intercom/etc.]
Assigning to tables
Email participants

Improvements [time permits]

Beautify events page
Improve form with Typeform
Connect to Airtable
Take payment [Typeform premium]
Past vs future events
Checking people in with Airtable mobile app