What are we building?

We're going to finish what we started last week: no code clone of Eventbrite. Last week, we simply put the bricks in place, now it's time to build a nice house. We'll make the upcoming events page presentable and add additional information about the event when the user signs up. We'll also setup a set of emails when the user signs up until the event!
[Psst Last week's livestream is here]


Recap of what we did last week

From workable to presentable

Past vs future events
Beautify events page (somewhat)
All upcoming events page
Event registration page
Improve Airtable Form


Pre-event email (Airtable)
Post-event feedback (Airtable)

Improvements [Time permits]

Checking people in with Airtable mobile app


Completed during livestream #1

Setup Airtable

Create Airtable base
Create Form View

Setup Webflow

Overview of events page
Add Airtable Form for event #1
Set up webflow CMS
Link webflow CMS with Events page
Link to different form for multiple events