Dropbox Sign 網站 - Made in Webflow

DropBox’s new brand and experience - powered by Webflow

你們知道嗎? Dropbox 最新的產品線 Dropbox Sign 網站竟是用 Webflow 設計與建構的。Dropbox Sign - Dropbox

Dropbox 的 Brand team 更分享到他們如何導入 Webflow 最為內部創意發想, 驗證產品與品牌想法的工具: Webflow: Create a custom website | Visual website builder

無庸置疑的,既 Figma 之後,Webflow 已成為科技與新創圈不可或缺的產品體驗工具之一,目前已有一堆科技巨頭導入 Webflow 做為期設計團隊維護用戶體驗的重要工具。

為什麼你需要要知道 Webflow?

  • :metal: 如果你是設計師: 您對你認真看待您的設計產出質量或職涯規劃的話,Webflow 絕對是您必學的工具之一。

  • :metal: 如果您是行銷經理: 您對您的品牌與行銷訊息有獨特想法但卻苦無預算能請到頂級的工程師與設計師幫你完成設計的話,你可以認真評估 Webflow 快速與節省時間的特性,如何能夠快速達成 KPI。

  • :metal: 如果您是聯合創辦人或經營者: 你更不會想錯過 Webflow 在 NoCode 領域第一線的設計工具如何能夠用更快速代迭的優勢,快速落地您的想法進而擊敗您的競爭對手!

那些公司使用 Webflow?

Webflow 的全球客戶有: IBM, Dell, Dropbox, Discord, Philips, pwc, NY Times, TED, Monday, Rakuten, Vice

而身為 Webflow 在台灣的唯一合作夥伴 Tenten,我們協助客戶導入 NoCode 做數位品牌翻新或 UI/ UX 的重建工作,取得極佳的流量增長與體驗優化成功! 因此我們特地做了一套線上課程想要分享給大家 - 來自專業的 Agency 如何用 Webflow 打造專業的體驗。

:star: Webflow Tendemy 線上課程 by Tenten https://www.tendemy.com/
:star: Webflow 與 No Code 社群 https://webflow.tw/

DropBox’s new brand and experience - powered by Webflow

Did you know that Dropbox’s latest product line, Dropbox Sign, was designed and built using Webflow? Dropbox Sign - Dropbox

Dropbox’s Brand team also shared how they incorporated Webflow as a tool for internal creative ideation, validating product and brand ideas: Webflow: Create a custom website | Visual website builder

Undoubtedly, after Figma, Webflow has become one of the indispensable product experience tools in the technology and startup circles. Currently, many tech giants have adopted Webflow as an important tool for their design teams to maintain user experience.

Why do you need to know about Webflow?

  • :metal: If you are a designer: If you take your design output quality or career planning seriously, then Webflow is definitely one of the tools you must learn.

  • :metal: If you are a marketing manager: If you have unique ideas about your brand and marketing messages but lack budget to hire top engineers and designers to complete your designs, then you can seriously evaluate the fast and time-saving features of Webflow on how it can quickly achieve KPIs.

  • :metal: If you are a co-founder or operator: You will not want to miss out on how Webflow’s leading NoCode design tool can use its faster iteration advantage to quickly land your ideas and beat your competitors!

Which companies use Webflow?

Webflow has global customers such as IBM, Dell, Dropbox, Discord, Philips pwc NY Times TED Monday Rakuten Vice.

As the only partner of Tenten in Taiwan for web development with no code platforms like web flow we help clients implement digital branding renovation or UI / UX reconstruction work with excellent traffic growth success! Therefore we have specially made an online course that we would like to share with everyone - How professional agencies use web flow to create professional experiences.

:star:WebFlow Tendemy Online Course by Tenten https://www.tendemy.com/

:star:WebFlow & No Code Community https://webflow.tw/